Testing extended reality (XR) based applications over 5G

This demo of the R&S®CMX500 shows how you can address XR application testing challenges.

The demo consists of a server, the R&S®CMX500, a modem (here a smartphone) and VR glasses. The server is connected with the data application unit in the R&S®CMX500, which emulates a 5G network that the modem can register. The modem transmits the traffic via a USB cable to the VR glasses.

The R&S®CMX500 isn’t just about measuring key performance metrics for VR applications - it has the potential to transform your testing experience. With the ability to influence traffic and introduce impairments like packet loss, delay and jitter, it empowers you to explore all the factors critical to user experience. Discover a new standard for VR testing with the R&S®CMX500 and experience unparalleled control for optimal performance optimization.

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