R&S®RTP Instrument Security Procedures

Instrument security
In many cases the R&S®RTP oscilloscope is used in a secured environment. Generally, highly secured environments do not allow any test equipment to leave the area unless it can be proven that no user information will leave with the test equipment. Security concerns can arise when oscilloscopes need to leave a secured area to be calibrated or serviced.

This document describes the types of memory and their usage in the R&S® RTP oscilloscope. It also addresses methods of ensuring that no user data leaves the secured area if the product is removed for calibration or service needs.

USB write protection utility
USB ports can pose a security threat in high-security locations. Generally, this threat comes from small USB pen drives (a.k.a. memory sticks, key drives, etc.) which can be very easily concealed, yet can quickly read/write several GBytes of data.

The "USB Mass Memory Write Protection" utility disables the write capability on any USB port for storage devices. After installation and a reboot of the instrument, any connected USB mass memory device cannot be written.


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