Countering drones

Countering drones early on

R&S®ARDRONIS for effective drone defense

Detecting, localizing and disrupting RC drones

Protective measures can only be taken after a threat is detected. To effectively counter the threat, early warning is critical – every second counts. When R&S®ARDRONIS detects commercial drone activity, it automatically classifies the type of drone signal, determines the direction of the drone and its pilot, and disrupts the radio control link to prevent the drone from reaching its target.

The majority of commercial remote controlled drones are controlled (uplink) via frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), a modern frequency agile waveform. Another major family of drones is controlled (uplink) via WLAN. Signals transmitted from the drones (downlink) are typically FHSS, wideband or WLAN signals.

Features & benefits

Early warning

Early warning is the key to countering any threat. R&S®ARDRONIS can detect RC activity even before drones take off. Early warning alone often ensures an effective response, including jamming and pilot interception.

Direction finding for FHSS-controlled drones

Direction information gives security personnel a real tactical advantage. Direction and localization enable a fast, effective response to the drone and the pilot.

Accurate classification of FHSS-controlled drones

Reliable detection and measurement of the RC signal followed by automatic matching of RC parameters with the built-in profile library.

Active countermeasures for FHSS-controlled drones

A choice of jamming modes enables an appropriate response to single or multiple threats.

Detection and disruption of WLAN-controlled drones

Additional sensor equipment is handling WLAN-controlled drones.

Situational awareness

Continuous reporting of drone activity on all relevant frequencies within a large coverage area provides situational awareness.

Automatic threat alert

The automatic threat alert means R&S®ARDRONIS can be operated with minimal training. When a signal is classified as a threat, the operator is immediately alerted via the user interface.

Immediate built-in notification

Immediate built-in notification can be triggered manually or automatically. Key players can be informed about threats quickly and efficiently without distracting the operator from the current situation.

Video interception

R&S®ARDRONIS is able to intercept and visualize various common formats. Security staff can see what the drone pilot sees, which can be advantageous both during and after a drone-related incident.

Securing of evidence

Decoding the video signal and recording the RC signal of a drone allows security staff to collect valuable evidence that can be used to prove that a drone pilot participated in illegal activities.

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