Border & perimeter surveillance

Border & perimeter surveillance

Controlling borders and specific areas is often a security challenge. Green boundaries, wide and diverse terrain, coastlines, sea ports, or even the open sea can be difficult environments to effectively perform surveillance. Exploiting the electromagnetic environment can help to identify and locate threats and targets. By monitoring wireless communications authorities can obtain important information in order to protect specific terrain, sea or national borders.

Border surveillance

Border surveillance

Governments usually give border security high priority. The diverse nature of border defense is matched by an equally diverse array of threats ranging from terrorists to drug smugglers, arms dealers and human traffickers. Conventionally borders are monitored and protected by using traditional measures such as mobile patrol units, video cameras and physical barriers. Due to the increasing number of unlawful cross-border activities and criminal organizations today, additional systems for monitoring wireless communications have become necessary.

Offshore maritime control

Offshore & maritime patrol

Detecting and locating illegal acts on sea is a challenge that remains also with modern coastal radar. Airborne communications surveillance systems can significantly contribute evidence what is out there. By monitoring radio links, operators in an aircraft can acquire fundamental information about situations along a borderline and thus support operations of the authorities.






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