BSI publishes catalog of measures for ransomware

BSI publishes catalog of measures for ransomware

Ransomware continues to be a real, first-time threat, and the consequences are often severe. Prevention is usually more economical than accepting that damage will occur. For this reason, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has published a catalog of ransomware measures to help companies and public authorities prepare for a possible ransomware attack.

The working document also provides information about feasible prevention measures. In principle, the BSI wants to use the catalog of measures to reach institutions that have not yet dealt much with the topic and to provide them with an overview of possible protective measures against ransomware. The document is divided into two parts: The first part deals with the most important questions for the management or the head of the office. Then, the authoritative measures to prevent a ransomware incident are described. Finally, a rough estimation of the benefits and costs is given.

Against the kind of malware that seeks to extort money in exchange for the surrender of encrypted data and end devices, as is the case with ransomware Trojans, solutions that provide real-time security while surfing help. Thanks to the complete separation of the browser from a computer's operating system,R&S®Browser in the Box ensures that malware has no chance: Intrusive malware remains enclosed in a virtual environment and cannot spread on the computer and in the local network. Malware is also prevented from being reloaded from the Internet via mail file attachments. The user-friendly solution does not affect PC performance and enables companies, academic institutions and government agencies to use the Internet securely.

Other security solutions from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity help proactively counter ransomware attacks. Contact us for customized solutions to protect your facility from ransomware.

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