Rohde & Schwarz at the European Microwave Conference in Central Europe

Rohde & Schwarz at the European Microwave Conference in Central Europe

Prague, May 13 to 15, 2019

Accelerate design. Maximize performance.

No matter what area you work in – Rohde & Schwarz measurement solutions help you speed up your design process and deliver outstanding high-performance results

You want to know more? Visit us at the European Microwave Conference in Central Europe, Prague, and see for yourself our applications in the areas of RF & microwave component testing, A&D, radar and 5G NR. Our experts will be glad to answer your questions and discuss your ideas.

Visit us at the EuMCE in Prague.

May 13 to 15, 2019 | 9.00 - 17.30

Booth: A17-A20

We look forward to welcoming you at our Rohde & Schwarz booth.

T&M highlights at the Rohde & Schwarz booth

T&M highlights at the Rohde & Schwarz booth

Wideband radar testing in the mmWave range for applications in aerospace and defense

The R&S®SMW200A together with the R&S®Pulse Sequencer software generates simple pulses, pulse trains as well as complex multi-emitter and multichannel radar scenarios. For each individual pulse, the pulse timing and the intrapulse modulation such as AM/FM, wideband chirp, Barker or polyphase can flexibly be configured.

Compact solution for millimeter wave device testing

Compact solution for millimeter wave device testing

The new Vector Network Analyzer R&S®ZNA provides outstanding RF characteristics and a unique hardware architecture, making demanding measurements easier than before. The DUT-centric operating concept guides users quickly to the desired measurement setup.

The combination with the R&S®CMQ200 shielding cube results in a compact solution for millimeter wave device testing. The R&S®CMQ200 has an absorber range from 20 to 75 GHz for 5G and mmWave technologies. It is prepared for automated handling and scalable for most DUTs, e.g. smart devices, CPEs, RFICs and prototypes.

True multiport device characterization

True multiport device characterization

The R&S®ZNBT allows the full characterization of multiport devices with high speed and dynamic range. The true multiport architecture with two independent receivers behind every test port is the basis for fast and accurate measurement results.

The high frequency range and number of ports provide easy and high-speed measurements for signal integrity as well as multi-array antenna measurement applications such as 5G antenna systems.

Thermal effects diagnostics on 5G devices

Thermal effects diagnostics on 5G devices

The R&S®TS-ATS antenna test system with test chamber R&S®ATS1000 provides a complete solution for 3D antenna characterization on 5G devices in FR2.

R&S®ATS-TEMP is an extension to the R&S®ATS1000 antenna test system for diagnostics of thermal effects on 5G devices under extreme temperature conditions.

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