Data converter design and test

Data converter design and test

Data converter performance verification

With a wide range of applications in communications, automotive and many industrial sectors, data converters are an essential part of all cutting-edge electronic and RF designs.

New generations of high-speed data converters address the need for growing bandwidths and data rates and place increasing demands on clock speed and digital processing power. Other aspects such as low power consumption and heat dissipation present additional challenges during the development and verification of electronic and RF designs.

Signal and power integrity

Signal and power integrity

Increasing data rates and clock speeds and widespread wireless connectivity require special attention to the digital signal flow.

Power integrity issues such as noise, ripple and crosstalk have a strong impact on the performance of your data converters. Keeping the power into the converter clean keeps the output clean.

Clock verification and substitution

Clock verification and substitution

A stable clock signal is a prerequisite for proper operation and performance of the data converter.

Only a clean clock with low jitter and high spectral purity allows the converter to achieve its maximum dynamic range.

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