VoLTE test solutions

VoLTE test solutions

IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) is the enabler for VoLTE, SMS over IMS and new value-adding services.

Transmitting voice over LTE (VoLTE) with acceptable quality requires the right mechanisms and architectures in both the radio and the core network. This affects LTE networks as well as conventional 2G and 3G networks since LTE services will need to coexist with legacy networks until LTE coverage is ubiquitous. Another consideration is the mobility of voice subscribers, because a voice call that is initiated within LTE coverage must not be dropped when the subscriber moves out of LTE coverage into an existing 2G or 3G network.

When you develop an LTE device, you will need to test the following key areas: the functional aspects of your device (LTE attach, IMS registration, etc.), how well it performs in a noisy or faded environment, what IP traffic is taking place and how this affects battery life, and whether it can meet 3GPP and mobile network operator conformance requirements.

If you deploy VoLTE in your network, you will need to verify the coverage and real-world performance of your network. Test and measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz cover all aspects of voice and IMS testing, from R&D and production to network optimization.

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VoLTE functional testing

Modern mobile devices include multiple features and functions that require IP connectivity. IMS, VoLTE and RCS functional testing and complete end-to-end communications testing help you optimize your VoLTE design to ensure best user experience. Does your VoLTE device meets user expectations?

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VoLTE conformance testing

VoLTE devices need to comply with the respective 3GPP standards and network operator specifications before they reach the market. Do your VoLTE devices meet the required standards? Do your VoLTE devices conform to the test cases specified by GCF, PTCRB and network operators?

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VoLTE performance testing

Maximum VoLTE performance is essential for the mobile device user experience which requires, for example, to find the right balance between power consumption and voice performance. What about battery life when utilizing VoLTE? And what about VoLTE performance when concurrent services such as eMBMS are ongoing?

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White paper: Voice and SMS in LTE

Technology options for supporting voice and short message service (SMS) in LTE, including circuit switched fallback (CSFB), SMS over SGs, and voice over LTE (VoLTE).

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App note: Voice over LTE (VoLTE) speech quality measurements

Conduct psychoacoustic speech quality evaluation for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) connections based on ITU-T P.862 and ITU-T P.863 recommendations.

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App note: A/V distortion analysis – inspecting output quality of audio and video devices

Any deviations from the expected video and audio output can be automatically and precisely detected with R&S®A/V distortion analysis.

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VoLTE based on IMS: How to ensure voice quality in the field

Webinar: VoLTE based on IMS

This webinar presents the technical background to VoLTE (based on IMS) and explains how to measure voice quality in live networks.

A practical introduction to VoLTE testing in the field

Webinar: A practical introduction to VoLTE testing in the field

This webinar provides field engineers with a practical overview of the most important issues in the testing and troubleshooting of VoLTE networks.

Voice over LTE fundamentals

Voice over LTE fundamentals

VoLTE requires that the IMS be implemented on both the network and the user device end to combine the offered mobility with the IP network.

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