This is Mobile Network Testing at Rohde & Schwarz

Mobile Network Infrastructure Testing at Rohde & Schwarz

Mobile network infrastructure testing in the jungle?!

The benefits of our devices are felt almost everywhere, but we don't need to pull our developers out of the jungle.This is only the imagination of AI ;). Since the early days of 2G, Rohde & Schwarz has been pioneering and supporting manufacturers of infrastructure technology, end devices, and chipsets in developing innovative products. Billions of smartphones have already been tested with our devices. But the expedition continues! Our aim is to continue to meet new use-cases and the constant need for economic efficiency in the future. Through our innovative development work in the area of wireless communications, we are thus creating the foundation for current and future mobile communication standards.

While the worldwide rollout of 5G is in full swing, our experts are actively involved in making the vision of 6G a reality. Are you ready to set new standards too?

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Mobile Network Testing

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Higher, faster, further – 6G!

Simply stated, the objective of 6G is to achieve even higher data rates and lower latency – anytime and anywhere. As a leading provider of measurement technology in the digital mobile era, we share the vision of a sixth generation of mobile networks. That's why our experts are already actively involved in diverse research projects to realize 6G. We are involved in diverse R&D projects including (sub-)terahertz communications, joint communications & sensing, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as reconfigurable intelligent surfaces.

The first signal generation and analysis solutions like the R&S FE170 D band frontend extensions are the key to (sub-)terahertz research. Frequencies up into the terahertz range are seen as an ideal solution for obtaining much wider bandwidths – a prerequisite for joint communications & sensing with high spatial resolution. Clearly, the new 6G world is beginning to take shape.

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