R&S®Trusted VPN Client

Secure remote access for classified communications

R&S®Trusted VPN Client
R&S®Trusted VPN Client
R&S®Trusted VPN client, side viewR&S®Trusted VPN client


  • VPN client with zero-trust-to-Windows approach, OS architecture independent
  • Approved for securing classified data
  • Central management system R&S®Trusted Objects Manager
  • Flexible device management for all USB interfaces
  • Office mode for familiar use in trusted networks

About R&S®Trusted VPN client

Based on our highly innovative technology, we offer our customers a VPN client platform that, with its zero-trust-to-Windows concept, ensures the highest level of security regardless of the operating system. The software solution ensures a security level on par with hardware-bound systems. Flexible enough to be used on different laptop fleets, R&S®Trusted VPN Client forms the foundation of our comprehensive security solution for the standard workstation for processing classified data. You communicate securely via various wireless media and benefit from automatic detection of trusted networks when working in the office.


Platform flexibility

Software-only, highly secure VPN client

R&S®Trusted VPN client can be installed on any modern Intel® platform starting with Intel® i-Core generation 6. This puts you into the comfortable position of being able to use an existing endpoint fleet by upgrading its VPN-security. Our software-only high security approach requires no special VPN box that diminishes usability.

Data leakage prevention (DLP)

VPN-only networking isolates Microsoft® Windows™

R&S®Trusted VPN client isolates existing Windows™ installations and offers Microsoft® Windows™ a single generic network interface in the form of a VPN tunnel. As a result, any data leaving your Windows™ installation via a network interface can only be transmitted through the VPN tunnel. R&S®Trusted VPN client offers strong data leakage prevention, e.g., also Windows™ telemetry data or malicious covert channels.

Friendly network detection and captive portals

Working from home? Accessing hotel WiFi?

Mobile endpoints, typically laptops, are not only used on the road, but also when working from home. R&S®Trusted VPN client automatically detects friendly networks when connected with the Ethernet. While connected to a friendly network, the VPN turns inactive. On the road, users typically come across unsecured (open) WiFi networks that require some sort of interaction (e.g. agreeing to the terms and conditions). Our solution provides a secure, isolated hotspot-VM for the interaction.

Approvals and certifications

Are you required to use approved products?

Many organization are required to use approved or certified products for processing classified data. R&S®Trusted VPN client is approved by the German BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) up to the RESTRICTED security level (VS-NfD) used in Germany. For international usage, R&S®Trusted VPN Client is also approved up to the levels NATO RESTRICTED and EU RESTRICTED (national use).


Benefit from a highly integrated Rohde & Schwarz product portfolio

R&S®Trusted VPN client is managed by our R&S®Trusted Objects Manager central security management system. This also manages the R&S®Trusted VPN, R&S®Trusted Disk, R&S®Browser in the Box products. All products are highly integrated and offer enormous synergies when combined in the R&S®Trusted Endpoint Suite, the powerful security suite for Microsoft® Windows™ 10 endpoints.

ウェビナー録画版:R&S®Trusted VPNクライアントを使用したセキュアなリモートワークステーション

ウェビナー録画版:R&S®Trusted VPNクライアントを使用したセキュアなリモートワークステーション



  • これを完全なソフトウェアベースでハードウェアに依存せずに解決するにはどうすればよいか。
  • 弊社の暗号化手順とセキュリティーメカニズムによってどのような仕様を満たせるか。
  • 弊社はアクセスのセキュリティーをどのように保護するか。


eco://award 2020

eco://award 2020

R&S®Trusted VPN Client is the first software-based VPN Client approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and was awarded the eco://award 2020 in the category "Security".

The jury's reasoning: "R&S®Trusted VPN Client reliably protects employee access to the corporate network - whether from the home office, hotel or airport. The completely software-based solution is versatile and easy to integrate on existing systems. With protected network communication from a tablet or laptop, the user-friendly R&S®Trusted VPN Client ensures that employees can work securely on the move without restrictions.”

For 20 years now, eco, Europe's largest association of the Internet industry, has been honouring forward-looking companies and their solutions with the eco://award.

Computing Security Award 2020

Computing Security Award 2020: R&S®Trusted VPN Client wins category “New Security Software Solution of the Year”

R&S®Trusted VPN Client is the first software-based VPN Client approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and was awarded with the Computing Security Award in the "New Security Software Solution of the Year" category on December 10, 2020. The Computing Security Awards are presented by Computing Security Magazine and recognize outstanding achievements and innovations in the industry. Every year, the award recognizes leading and innovative IT security solutions that help companies to comprehensively protect their data.

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