Proactive IT security systems as a worthwhile investment

Proactive IT security systems as a worthwhile investment

For the “Evil Internet Minute 2021” report, RiskIQ analyzed the scope, scale and damage of cyberattacks. The result: cybercrime costs companies $1.79 million per minute. If nothing else, the pandemic has driven the numbers up significantly. The e-commerce sector, for example, is increasingly affected. But the attacks don't stop at any industry. The fact that cyberattacks are becoming increasingly lucrative and at the same time much less technical expertise is required is additionally leading to the rising numbers of cyberattacks. However, the report also makes it clear that investing in a comprehensive IT security system is worthwhile. After all, falling victim to a cyberattack quickly costs millions.

We list three weak points that you should definitely secure:

1. Internet access

Securing Internet access is the most important protection and the Internet is the undisputed number one gateway for attackers. You can easily protect yourself with a virtual browser. This allows you to surf the Internet without attackers being able to gain access to corporate or government networks. R&S®Browser in the Box closes the "Internet" security gap by providing a "digital" quarantine for hacker attacks: the malware is isolated before it can be executed. This mechanism also protects against attacks via e-mail attachments or web conferences with microphone use and webcam support. The protection provided by R&S®Browser in the Box even works in both directions: No malware can get onto the computer via the Internet - but even if malware gets onto the PC via another route, it is not possible to tap data via the Internet (data leakage prevention).

2. Remote work & home office

If remote workers use the Internet via private or public WiFi networks or other unsecured networks, their endpoints can be infected or compromised. If they then later use the same device to access corporate or government networks, this infection spreads. This can be prevented with a highly secure VPN connection. R&S®Trusted VPN Client creates a secure and encrypted connection over insecure networks, such as the Internet.

3. Protection against loss and theft

It can happen quickly: In a hurry, the laptop is left on the train or a device is stolen. Unauthorized persons can easily gain access to sensitive data. Full-disk encryption such as R&S®Trusted Disk offers protection. It protects sensitive data from unauthorized access with secure and transparent encryption in real time without restricting productivity even in the event of loss or theft - even on external data carriers such as USB sticks. R&S®Trusted Disk encrypts not only user data, but the entire operating system, including all temporary data.

Would you like to start proactively protecting your IT systems today? We will be happy to help you.

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