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AMS32, special result files with the extension "_raw"


In "Tips and Trick" of the AMS32 help it's written "The raw data are saved as well for later analysis in special result files with the extension _raw".

Could you show me where I can find these files?


You are refering to the following section of the AMS32

The situation is the following:
The "_raw" files are created automatically and can be found in the Test folder next to the usual result tables.
Please note that they are not always created:

If both axes are moved simultaneously and continuously ("spiral scan"), the "_raw" files are always created.

If only the azimuth axis is moved continuously (stepped-continuous test), the _raw files are only created if a hardware trigger is activated in Hardware Setup.

Without hardware trigger no "_raw" file will be created. In this case, interpolation is performed directly at runtime.