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How to get eSIM / eUICC test profile for build-in eSIM / eUICC cards


How to handle modules/devices containing a non exchangeable eSIM card. Where can a customer get a test profile and how can it be provisioned onto the eSIM.


Generic Test Profile

In order to run test onto a simulator, security parameters has to be known to perform authentication and ciphering procedure (XOR algorithm) successfully. There is a test profile for eSIM / eUICC that several UE manufacturer, network operator, eSIM provider and network simulator manufacturer have been created together with the GSMA. The GSMA also creates a technical specification (GSMA TS.48 Generic eUICC test Profile for Device Testing).

Where can I find a test profile?

The profile can be found https://github.com/GSMATerminals/Generic-eUICC-Test-Profile-for-Device-Testing-Public, here. There is also an excel document with the details for each EF/DF. The test profile (also called Generic Test Profile) has been approved by the GCF, PTCRB, 3GPP RAN and GSMA.

What is the content of the Generic Test Profile (compared to R&S CMW-Z06 test UICC)?

  • The profile is close to the CMW-Z06 content but the size has been reduced (~30KB)
  • The USIM/CSIM/ISIM application are present.
  • The GSM application has been removed (it does not affect the GSM testing).
  • PIN, ADM and PUK are the same as for the CMW-Z06

Who is responsible to flash the test profile onto the eSIM / eUICC?

The GSMA test eSIM profile for free. However, the chip-vendor is responsible to provide support about how to use the test eSIM / eUICC profile and how to flash the profile onto the eUICC / eSIM. The handling of the eSIM is not in the responsibility of Rohde & Schwarz.