Fixed monitoring stations

Fixed monitoring stations

Extensive spectrum monitoring capabilities

Fixed monitoring stations are the backbone most regulatory authorities rely on. Usually they can be set up with sufficient space for operators and equipment, allowing comprehensive measurement and evaluation. Stations can be attended or unattended; they can be controlled locally, remotely or operate automatically 24/7.

Usually, fixed monitoring stations are equipped with the antennas on high masts, allowing large coverage areas. Within these ranges, they can process several monitoring tasks. These comprehensive systems offer direct, automatic measurements and are often the first point of action when interference is reported. Then, operators can verify interfering emissions with minimal effort and follow up the case.

Attended fixed monitoring stations are generally equipped with high-end receivers. Operators appreciate these sophisticated monitoring receivers because they can cope with advanced signals and resolve complex interference scenarios. Their excellent RF parameters over an extensive range of frequencies, ultra-wide bandwidth and high signal processing performance make them an indispensable core component of any monitoring station.

For remote controlled stations and sites, where equipment weatherproofing is not available or feasible, Rohde & Schwarz offers a product line of compact monitoring stations. The weatherproof systems are contained in outdoor housings and can be mounted directly on masts underneath antennas without additional shelter. This also reduces the lengths of antenna cables, thus increasing system sensitivity.

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