This is improved security thanks to AI at Rohde & Schwarz

This is improved security thanks to AI at Rohde & Schwarz

AI for anomaly detection in security scanners?!

We usually don't make decisions based solely on good feelings, and a cat is rarely involved!

We rely on expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and high-tech development. With the help of machine learning, we optimize our QPS-Security Scanner for maximum security. At R&S, it's not just about learning on the job and training AI! At our in-house developer conferences and in solution groups, our experts learn from each other and also have access to numerous training programs. Ready to shape the deployment of future technologies?

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AI-supported detection precision

Our Quick Personnel Scanners provide increased security at hundreds of airports and major events - using Artificial Intelligence. AI-based anomaly detection allows us to identify potential sources of danger within seconds using imaging techniques based on millimeter wave technology. Artificial neural networks analyze the reflected millimeter waves quickly and provide information on whether suspicious objects are being carried. Our developers use high-performance graphic cards that process more than five gigabytes per scan within a second.

Thanks to the expertise and passion of our colleagues, we have already reached the field of "superhuman learnings" and continuously work on the further development and new application areas of our technology. For a safe and interconnected world.

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