5G technology webinars

Free webinars: Watch our 5G webinars which explain the latest 5G NR physical layer specifications as described in 3GPP Releases15 and 16, discuss the associated test challenges and demonstrate innovative test solutions including 5G signal generation and analysis, massive MIMO and over the air testing.

Wireless communications testing webinars

Webinar: Versatile 5G FR2 over-the-air antenna characterization at your benchtop

Learn more about the measurement process for the 5G FR2 antenna systems, the beam steering antenna design principle and cirective antenna radiation pattern assessment.

High accuracy GNSS in 5G – RTK, PPT and RTK-PPP

Webinar from November 18, 2021

High accuracy GNSS in 5G – RTK, PPT and RTK-PPP

Learn more about upcoming applications and test equipment to ensure the performance of 5G mobile devices featuring high-accuracy positioning.

Multiple directions of arrival using CATR OTA measurements - Teaser

Multiple directions of arrival using CATR OTA measurements

This webinar presents a novel method using multiple compact antenna test range (CATR) reflectors to perform simultaneous multiple angle measurements for 5G devices that are capable of beamforming in the mmWave frequency range.

Webinar: Small cells – an essential paradigm shift for cellular networks

Webinar from August 24, 2021

Webinar: Small cells – an essential paradigm shift for cellular networks

Join and learn about small cells & network densification, test challenges and a one-box solution for 5G FR2 small cell production testing.

Webinar: What you need to know about 5G mmWave devie testing

Webinar from June 23, 2021

Webinar: What you need to know about 5G mmWave device testing

Register for this webinar on 5G mmWave device testing and learn about the test challenges that arise with the design of 5G FR2 mmWave devices.

Webinar: Simplifying 5G mobile device testing

Webinar from May 25, 2021

Webinar: Simplifying 5G mobile device testing

Join this webinar to learn about the challenges associated with mobile device testing as well as the benefits of using one unified interface to test across all layers - simplifying signaling tests. This provides you with a holistic view to the design validation test process of a device.

Webinar: THz communication

Webinar from March 23, 2021

Webinar: THz communications - a key enabler for beyond 5G?

Learn about technological aspects of over-the-air measurements in the sub-THz region with testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

Webinar: Voice over 5G

Webinar from January 27, 2021

Webinar: Voice over 5G

Evolution, deployment, technology and testing aspects

Our webinar introduces you to the technology aspects behind incorporating voice services in 5G networks and outlines possible deployment scenarios. Since test and measurement guarantees proper implementation to achieve best user experience, we will also demonstrate how to test voice capabilities of 5G smartphones.

Webinar: 5G location based services in Rel. 15 & Rel. 16

Webinar from November 11, 2020

Webinar: 5G location based services in Rel. 15 & Rel. 16

Many of the 5G applications benefit from having accurate and reliable positioning information; for some, it’s a key enabler. 3GPP identified this need and recently standardized advanced positioning methods in Release 15 and Release 16. In this webinar, we will present the technical requirements and use cases for 5G location based services (LBS). We will then discuss the strengths and limitations of key positioning technologies such as DL-TDOA, MC-RTT, AoD, AoA, GNSS, Wi Fi and Barometric measurements. Finally, we will provide some details around specific Rohde & Schwarz test solutions that can be used to test the reliability and accuracy of positioning methods under all conditions, either indoors or outdoors.

Webinar: How massive MIMO challenges 5G base station testing

Webinar: How massive MIMO challenges 5G base station testing

Massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna systems and beamforming are no doubt the key enablers and fundamental components of 5G deployment. They improve the end-user experience, network capacity and coverage and ultimately contribute to high spectral efficiency. This webinar explains the MIMO techniques used in today’s commercially deployed networks. It further discusses the latest MIMO enhancements specified in 3GPP Release 16, finalized in June 2020. The webinar also demonstrates how to apply Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes for testing phase-coherent 5G MIMO signals during the development of 5G base stations and small cells in the lab.

 Wireless IIoT: Making factories smart and flexible

Webinar from June 30, 2020

Webinar: Wireless IIoT: Making factories smart and flexible

Watch our new webinar and find out the basics of the wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using wireless technologies from Bluetooth to 5G for industrial environments. The webinar also offers information on important challenges of IIoT such as low and deterministic latency, as well as ways to master them. Additionally, it will demonstrate how dedicated measurement solutions can help to understand and optimize key performance characteristics.

Webinar: The ongoing evolution of 5G New Radio

Webinar from June 18, 2020

Webinar: The ongoing evolution of 5G New Radio

5G is evolving - from an adjunct technology to a solid communications standard that will change how we communicate with each other and the things around us. Although for many it may seem like we just got started, the evolution of 5G has already begun. With exciting new capabilities and features, 5G will open up countless new use cases. Watch this webinar to explore to where 5G is headed, what new technologies will be introduced in 3GPP Releases 16 and 17, and how these new capabilities will affect the overall 5G evolution.

Webinar: Five things you need to know about OTA chambers for 5G NR mmW testing

Webinar from January 23, 2020

Webinar: Five things you need to know about OTA chambers for 5G NR mmW testing

Over the air (OTA) testing is gaining a lot of momentum in 5G NR, especially when it comes to mmW FR2. For OTA testing, a mobile device or base station under test must be placed in a chamber environment that provides shielding from surrounding signals. Numerous and diverse shielding chambers are available on the market.

This webinar explains the main criteria for making decisions with regard to selecting a shielding chamber and provides guidance on selecting the right OTA test solution for your testing needs, from design and conformance to production testing.

Webinar: 5G NR for industrial applications – Potential and challenges

Webinar from December 10, 2019

Webinar: 5G NR for industrial applications – Potential and challenges

This webinar will illustrate the basic 5G capability to support ultra-reliable low latency services available with 3GPP Release 15. It also explains the technology components added in 3GPP Release 16 to achieve further improvements.

Analysis and findings are presented from both a leading cellular test solution provider perspective as well as from the view point of a potential adopter of the 5G NR technology in its own factories.


#ThinkSix -6G向けの新しい周波数域に関する実践的なレビュー

このビデオでは、利用可能な周波数帯域免許と実験免許に対するニーズに基づいて、6Gの基礎研究の対象としてDバンド(110~170 GHz)およびGバンド(140~220 GHz)の周波数が有望である理由について説明します。

1月 20, 2023

ウェビナー:5G New Radioへの道を開くLTE-A Pro

このウェビナーでは、LTE-A Proの機能について技術的に説明し、LTEのユースケースとサービスシナリオの柔軟性と多様性を示します。

10月 25, 2019

ウェビナー:5Gミリ波 – デバイステストの課題とその解決方法


10月 25, 2019



5月 03, 2018



4月 26, 2018

ウェビナー:5Gのわかりやすい解説 - 5G NRの数秘術および初期アクセスコンセプト


4月 26, 2018

ウェビナー:5G NR物理層のわかりやすい解説

このウェビナーでは、最新の5G NR物理層規格の概要と5Gに関するテストの課題について説明し、実際のテストソリューションをデモ実演します。このウェビナーでは、スタンドアロン(SA)動作に関する課題についてもまとめて紹介します。

3月 15, 2018



5月 11, 2017



1月 26, 2017



12月 15, 2016

ウェビナー:モノのインターネット(IoT)とオーバー・ザ・トップ(OTT)アプリケーション - 信号の影響と電力消費を定量化する方法


6月 09, 2015

ウェビナー:5Gミリ波の解放 – 電子計測の視点


6月 11, 2014

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