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Paderbornjun. 08, 2022

Rohde & Schwarz and Comprion announce availability of R&S test profiles for eSIM device testing

COMPRION and Rohde & Schwarz have developed eSIM test profiles for testing with network simulators like the R&S CMX500. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)
COMPRION and Rohde & Schwarz have developed eSIM test profiles for testing with network simulators like the R&S CMX500. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

Mobile devices with a conventional sim card interface were previously configured via a special test SIM card so that they were optimally prepared for testing with the intended network simulator in the test lab. For mobile devices containing a physically inaccessible eSIM (embedded SIM), this device configuration now takes place digitally via the COMPRION eSIM Test Profile Service.

COMPRION and Rohde & Schwarz have now developed R&S specific eSIM test profiles for testing with network simulators from Rohde & Schwarz such as the R&S CMX500. For all kinds of mobile device tests, market-ready prototypes and commercially available eSIM devices (e.g. phones, tablets, wearables or consumer IoT devices) can be configured accordingly in the lab with R&S network simulators via the eSIM test profile download.

The eSIM Test Profile Service is available online via a subscription service provided by Comprion. It is fully GSMA SAS compliant and therefore can address market ready devices. Besides the Rohde & Schwarz specific test profile, it includes a repository of eSIM test profiles as well as a GSMA-standardized Remote SIM Provisioning service to deliver the test profiles to eSIM devices. This service is unique on the market.

"We are pleased that test labs and device manufacturers that use R&S network simulators to test their mobile devices can now also test eSIM devices quickly, safely and efficiently in the lab, making the latest technology marketable," says Dr. Marcus Dormanns, Lead Innovation Manager at Comprion.

Gerhard Götz, Senior Product Manager from Rohde & Schwarz adds: „Our customers will be very happy to hear, that we have partnered with Comprion to make our specific test profile available via the eSIM Test Profile Service. Downloading and installing our test profile on the eSIM devices to be verified will solve major problems most customers faced when they wanted to test their products with our R&S CMW500 or R&S CMX500.”

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