R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator

R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator
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R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator, Application ImageR&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator, Application ImageR&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator, Application ImageR&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator, Front viewR&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator, Back view

Key Facts

  • Generation of multiple dynamic artificial objects with individual distance, object size, radial velocity and angular direction 
  • Fully harmonized with R&S®QAT100 advanced antenna array and classical mmW frontends for advanced tests in all automotive radar bands
  • Future proof with instantaneous bandwidths of up to 4 GHz
  • Generation of dynamic objects with minimum distances down to <4 m for short range radar testing
  • Built-in HiL processor and interface for synchronization of multiple R&S®AREG800As to generate large scenarios
  • Elektra Award Winner

Accelerate your automotive radar testing with the most advanced solution

The R&S®AREG800A Automotive Radar Echo Generator is an innovative and versatile solution for testing automotive radar sensors. Thanks to the flexible and scalable concept of the R&S®AREG800A and the full harmonization with the R&S®QAT100 Advanced Antenna Array, the solution fulfills the test requirements of the most advanced radar echo generation applications. The R&S®AREG800A:

  • perfectly addresses the industry"s need for testing of high-resolution short-range radar sensors that are used in emergency breaking systems
  • is fully harmonized with the innovative R&S®QAT100 Advanced Antenna Array frontend for scenario generation
  • is designed for scenario generation and functional safety tests of radar based ADAS/AD and autonomous driving
  • has an incomparable versatility. All applications from pre-development, over validation until mass production can be covered

Features & benefits

Discover the most advanced automotive radar testing solution

Make your test setup future-proof. The R&S®AREG800A enables state-of-the-art test setups with up to 4GHz instantaneous bandwidth, small artificial object distances and the possibility to generate a large number of dynamic artificial objects simultaneously:

  • Fully harmonized with R&S®QAT100 advanced antenna array for advanced ADAS testing and scenario generation
  • Supports classical mmW frontends for basic bench top and validation tests  (e.g. together with R&S®ATS1500C shielded chamber)
  • Profit from a future proof instantaneous bandwidths of up to 4 GHz for short range radar testing

Frontends for every test case
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Frontends for every test case

With its portfolio of RF frontends, the R&S®AREG800A can be tailored exactly to your application specific test needs.

Flexibility at its best

For all demanding automotive radar echo generation applications, a tailored R&S®AREG800A configuration will fit your needs - all applications from early radar sensor R&D until advanced full vehicle ADAS/AD test cases can be covered:

  • Simulating scenarios with dynamic artificial object distances during early stage R&D together with the R&S®ATS1500C, chipset development and radar sensor validation
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop test cases (HiL) for ADAS/AD feature and algorithm development
  • Vehicle-in-the-Loop test cases (ViL) on the roller dyno for vehicle certification and homologation
  • Production of state-of-the-art 4D radar sensors with high demands on the radar test equipment

A perfect team for the development of 4D imaging radar - R&S®AREG800A and R&S®ATS1500C
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A perfect team for the development of 4D imaging radar - R&S®AREG800A and R&S®ATS1500C

The R&S®AREG800A together with the R&S®ATS1500C antenna measurement chamber form a harmonized solution to precisely validate and calibrate automotive radars under far field conditions

Realistic tests on virtual roads

Together with the R&S®QAT100 advanced antenna array, the R&S®AREG800A automotive radar echo generator enables you to tackle the impediments of autonomous driving. Reliable, reproducible and realistic tests of radar based ADAS/AD features is now possible for the first time.

Test like it’s real
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Test like it’s real

Designed for scenario generation - test the functional safety of radar based ADAS/AD and autonomous driving.

Bring road reality to your lab

Designed for scenario generation - test functional safety of radar based ADAS/AD and autonomous driving. Complex and even risky driving scenarios can be generated and virtually tested for ADAS/AD:

  • A responsive and open real time interface enables the industries established simulation environments to control the R&S®AREG800A 
  • The R&S®AREG800A is ideal for open and closed loop test cases.

Reduce test kilometers on public roads
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Reduce test kilometers on public roads

The R&S®AREG800A together with the R&S®QAT100 enables for the first time reliable and realistic full vehicle testing on ViL test rigs., e.g. EURO NCAP test cases can be executed with highest test case reproducibility.

Optimize your ADAS/AD test strategy

The R&S®AREG800A enables state-of-the-art test setups that reduce the number or test kilometers on the road. As a consequence:

  • Time for R&D and testing is optimized
  • Time-to-market of new ADAS/AD features is shortened
  • Expenses for development and testing are reduced

Test today’s and tomorrow’s automotive radar sensors and radar based ADAS
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Test today’s and tomorrow’s automotive radar sensors and radar based ADAS

Simple and stable operation

  • Intuitive graphical user interface with touch screen controls
  • Easy and straight forward test setup configuration
  • Optimized for minimum footprint
  • Build-in SCPI macro recorder with code generator for easy integration into existing test software

Intuitive GUI
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Intuitive GUI

Simple man-machine interface for easy and intuitive configuration with graphical user interface and touch screen control

Ready for Red

  • Measure the sensor’s equivalent radiated isotropic power (EIRP) in line with the applicable standards with a connected R&S NRP8S(N) power sensor
  • Verify robustness of radar sensors against in-band interferers with a connected analog or vector signal generator
  • Measure occupied bandwidth and radar signal quality with a connected signal and spectrum analyzer

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The R&S®AREG800A together with the R&S®FSW8 signal and spectrum analyzer are the ideal solution for parallel echo generation and radar signal analyzation.

Frontends and general concept
Echo generation typeDynamic artificial object generation
Echo generation conceptHybrid  - analog for short object distances <17 m   and larger distances digital
Remote FrontendsR&S®AREG8-24S/-24D/-77S/-77D/-81S/-81D *)Classical mmW remote frontends  
R&S®QAT100Innovative R&S®QAT100 el. controllable antenna array
Max. number of remote frontends per base unit with R&S®AREG8-24S/-24D/-77S/-77D/-81S/-81D *)Up to 4 classical mmW remote frontends 
with R&S®QAT100Up to 8 with R&S®QAT100
RF Frequency bandswith R&S®AREG8-24S/-24D *)24-24.25 GHz
with R&S®AREG8-77S/-77D *)76-77 GHz
with R&S®AREG8-81S/-81D *)76-81 GHz
with R&S®QAT10076-81 GHz
Instantaneous bandwidthwith R&S®AREG8-B91 GHz
with R&S®AREG8-B9 and R&S®AREG8-K5272 GHz
with R&S®AREG8-B9, R&S®AREG8-K527 and R&S®AREG8-K528 *)4 GHz
Artificial objects
Minimum artificial object distance with R&S®AREG8-B9< 17 m + air gap
with R&S®AREG-B9 and R&S®AREG-B63 *)< 4 m + air gap
Covered distance range of artificial objectswith R&S®AREG8-B9< 17 m to >500 m
with R&S®AREG8-B9 and R&S®AREG8-B63 *)< 4 m to >500 m
Max number of artificial objects per R&S®AREG800A base unitwith R&S®QAT100Artificial object distance < 4 m to 17 m *):
Up to 4 with individual azimuth, distance, RCS, Doppler
Artificial object distance > 17 m:
Up to 8 with individual azimuth, distance, RCS, Doppler
with R&S®AREG8-24S/-24D/-77S/-77D/-81S/-81D *)Artificial object distance < 4 m to 17 m:
Up to 4 with individual distance, RCS, Doppler (1 per mmW frontend)
Artificial object distance > 17 m:
Up to 32 with individual distance, RCS, Doppler (8 per mmW frontend)
Object distance step size< 2,5 cm (nom.)
Object distance accuracy< 5 cm (meas.)
Air gap to device under testRecommendation: Air gap should be large enough to match far field condition of radar under test
Radial velocity
Individual radial velocity for each object Yes
Doppler setting range±500 km/h
Velocity step size0.001 km/h (meas.)
Dynamic RCS range for all artificial objects togetherwith R&S®AREG8-24S/-24D/-77S/-77D/-81S/-81D *)90 dB
with R&S®QAT10080 dB
Dynamic RCS range for multiple objects per IF pathwith R&S®AREG8-24S/-24D/-77S/-77D/-81S/-81D *)60 dB
with R&S®QAT100-
RCS control step size0.5 dB
Amplitude flatnessR&S®QAT100 standalone< ± 5 dB in 4 GHz bandwidth (meas.)
Maximum Rx power at frontendwith R&S®QAT1000 dBm @ 77 GHz (nom.)
Recommended Rx power at frontendwith R&S®QAT100-20 dBm @ 77 GHz (nom.)
Minimum Rx power at frontendwith R&S®QAT100-60 dBm @ 77 GHz (nom.)
Maximum Tx power at frontendwith R&S®QAT1000 dBm @ 77 GHz (nom.)
IF input/IF output interface
IF output portwith R&S®AREG8-K740IF outputs on base unit for EIRP and radar signal parameter measurements
IF input portwith R&S®AREG8-K741IF input on base unit for superimposing interferers
Hardware-in-the-loop interface
Dedicated HiL interfacewith R&S®AREG8-K109HiL co-processor
HiL interface update ratewith R&S®AREG8-K10920 ms (meas.)
Open-standard protocol supportwith R&S®AREG8-K109Open Simulation Interface (OSI)
User interface and remote controls
Graphical user interface with touch controlsYes
Remote control interfacesEthernet
with R&S®AREG8-K986 *)GPIB
Remote control command setSCPI
General parameters
Size5 HE, 19” width 
Weightdepending on options15 – 26 kg
*) coming soon

Available options


Order Number 1437.8011.02


Digital baseband with 1 GHz bandwidth, 1 IF path and 1 individual object 


Order Number 1437.8205.02


Analog stepped delay line for short object generation with 1 IF path and 1 indivdual object (coming soon)

Bandwidth upgrade

Order Number 1437.9882.02


Baseband extension from 1 GHz to 2 GHz bandwidth for 1 IF path


Order Number 1437.9799.02


Baseband extension from 2 GHz to 5 GHz bandwidth for 1 IF path (coming soon)

Baseband enhancements

Order Number 1437.9899.02


Activation of second IF path for one baseband with 1 GHz bandwidth and 1 individual object


Order Number 1437.9853.02


One additional artifical object for all installed IF paths


Order Number 1437.9901.02


Extended Doppler frequency shift up to 10 MHz offset (coming soon)

Intermediate frequency ports and control interfaces

Order Number 1437.9818.02


Remote control GPIB (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.9830.02


Analog IF output interfaces


Order Number 1437.9847.02


Analog IF input interfaces


Order Number 1437.9860.02


Hardware-in-the-Loop control interface


Order Number 1437.9876.02


Synchronization interface for multiple AREG800As (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.8611.02


Single Antenna Frontend 24 GHz to 24.25 GHz (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.8640.02


Dual Antenna Frontend 24 GHz to 24.25 GHz (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.8670.02


Single Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 77 GHz (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.8705.02


Dual Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 77 GHz (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.8734.02


Single Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 81 GHz (coming soon)


Order Number 1437.8763.02


Dual Antenna Frontend 76 GHz to 81 GHz (coming soon)


Advanced antenna array

General accessories

Order Number 1328.8534.19


Torque Wrench, 0.9 Nm

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