Electronic Design and Test Day 2020

Electronic Design and Test Day 2020

Wrap up video

One day full of inspiration, knowledge and insights

The Electronic Design and Test Day offers researchers, developers, manufacturers and test equipment users an excellent opportunity to discuss technical and implementation challenges as well as best practices related to DC/DC converter design, digital design & test, power and signal integrity and EMI debugging.

The technically focused presentations cover aspects regarding design & test. The two tracks are framed by a keynote speech to open the presentations and a closing session about EMI debugging.

Stay tuned for the next Electronic Design and Test Day in 2021 and request more information.

Electronic Design and Test Day 2020 - Wrap up

Electronic Design and Test Day 2020 - Wrap up

The Electronic Desgin and Test Day 2020 with over 80 customers from 8 countries has been an successfull event hosted by Rohde & Schwarz in Munich, Germany. Have a look at the wrap up video and see for yourself.

Come and join us in 2021.

Electronic Design and Testing Day

Our experts

From general purpose tasks to high specialized measurements

At the Electronic Design and Test Day, we were joined by leading industry experts who shared their first-hand experience with you, for example:

  • Bernd Geck, Texas Instruments
  • Hermann Ruckerbauer, EyeKnowHow
  • Prof. Christian Schuster, TUHH
Your way to us

Your way to us

Ampfingstrasse 7
81671 Muenchen (Munich)

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