Rohde & Schwarz at Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam


mar. 14, 2023 - mar. 16, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hall: 1
Booth: 1115


We are happy to welcome you on our booth and discuss al your questions you might have.

R&S®QPS Walk2000

Walk-through security scanner

After numerous successful installations in loss prevention applications and protection of critical infrastructure, the QPS Walk 2000 has shown outstanding performance at the Munich Security Conference 2023. More than 20,000 people were screened throughout this highly important event. And now the QPS Walk 2000 is at the doorstep to the aviation market. We are happy to discuss with you potential applications and scenarios to see this product in your airport.


Quick personnel security scanner

The R&S QPS201 is a world-class security scanner that demonstrates its outstanding performance at a huge number of airports around the globe day by day. Responding to increased security demand, optimized operational performance and highest passenger convenience, Rohde & Schwarz is proud to demonstrate the results of our continuous efforts to make this scanner even more valuable. Beyond accessories for a more intuitive screening process there are numerous software improvements to detect better potential threats whilst also significantly reducing the false alarm rate.

QPS Server

The future of aviation security is networking, big data and the support of Open Architecture. The R&S QPS server delivers a wide range of features like remote control, advance operational statistics, health monitoring and a broad suite of alarm information that will help to optimize processes and increase security. Please join us to get more information about the QPS server features.

Passenger Self-Screening

This new solution helps to improve the work conditions for security staff and increase passenger comfort at the same time. AI supported posture control will remove monotonous and repetitive work routines from security operators and also reduces the number of repeat scans. Passenger diversion depending on their screening results can optimize staff usage and passenger flow. And last, but not least the intuitive processes, independence from language barriers and the possibility to maintain social distance will dramatically improve the passenger experience. We are happy to demonstrate this solution built on a cooperation with dormakaba.