Manufacturing and service

Manufacturing & service

The industry-leading, innovative products and solutions from Rohde & Schwarz incorporate more than 30 years of experience in providing test and measurement solutions for high-volume manufacturing and servicing of complex wireless devices.

Today’s wireless devices support multiple, advanced wireless technologies. In order to manufacture these devices, OEMs and ODMs need to take into account not only complexity, performance and quality, but also cost and efficiency. Rohde & Schwarz offers industry-leading products and solutions that meet these needs.

The T&M expert’s comprehensive one-stop solutions for manufacturing consist of state-of-the-art rugged hardware, software and services that enable manufacturers to increase throughput and reduce time to market of their products.

Solutions for
Cellular device manufacturing

Rohde & Schwarz provides a one-stop solution for all production test stages.

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Non-cellular device manufacturing

Rohde & Schwarz offers cost-effective solutions for non-cellular production testing.

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Repair and service of wireless devices

Find out more about the Rohde & Schwarz state-of-the-art solutions for repair and service.

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Chipset support

At Rohde & Schwarz, we work together with leading chipset vendors to offer our customers automated test solutions that are easy to use.

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Wireless communications testers & systems

Benefit from wireless device and infrastructure testers for all wireless communications testing needs, including RF, protocol, preconformance and conformance.

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Signal generators

Generate highly accurate signals with Rohde & Schwarz analog and digital signal generators that offer a wide range of frequencies, standards, modulations and functions.

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Signal & spectrum analyzers

Choose from the wide range of Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyzers that set standards in performance, functionality and usability.

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Power meters & voltmeters

Get extremely high versatility and highest measurement accuracy with Rohde & Schwarz power meters, power sensors and voltmeters.

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Wireless communications testing

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Bluetooth® testing

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