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Las Vegas abr 13, 2022

Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm show end-to-end live 5G Broadcast streaming to smartphones at NAB Show 2022

Highlights how 5G Broadcast can redefine content delivery and open up new business models

Rohde & Schwarz and Pixel Power at NAB 2022
Rohde & Schwarz and Pixel Power at NAB 2022

Booth N3625, NAB Show, Las Vegas, 24-27 April — Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast transmitter and media technologies, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the driving force behind the development, launch and expansion of 5G, have partnered to deliver a full end-to-end live 5G Broadcast/Multicast streaming demonstration at NAB Show 2022.

Running throughout the show, the demonstration will showcase Broadcast/Multicast capabilities over 5G. Pre-recorded content will be encoded by Titan, an innovative multi-codec and high-density encoding solution provided by Ateme, and transmitted live using a 5G Broadcast signal over-the-air in Las Vegas, offering show attendees an up-close look at an advanced live mobile experience. 5G Broadcast offers network operators and broadcasters opportunities to create exciting consumer experiences across a range of new and existing business areas – all while enabling high spectral efficiency and reduced costs.

At the heart of the set-up being shown in Las Vegas is Rohde & Schwarz’s end-to-end 3GPP compliant solution, comprising a 5G Broadcast enabled R&S TLU9 transmitter, supported by a Spinner filter, and the Broadcast Service and Control Center (BSCC2.0) acting as a core network. During the demonstration a live signal will be transmitted over-the-airwaves inside the Las Vegas Convention Centre, from the Rohde & Schwarz booth, using sectorized antenna systems to a smartphone form-factor test device from Qualcomm Technologies.

The transmission chain is powered with a filter and a sectorized antenna system provided by the leading RF broadcast company, Dielectric.

The 5G Broadcast solution is built on the 3GPP Rel-16 feature-set, operating in a Receive-Only Mode (ROM), Free-To-Air (FTA) and without the need for a SIM card (SIM-free reception). The 5G Broadcast dedicated mode will be demonstrated with a standalone transmitter while operating within the UHF band.

“5G Broadcast opens the doors to an exciting new world for the mobile communication ecosystem without compromising existing mobile cellular services. It enables an unrivalled user experience, new revenue opportunities and innovative service models and at NAB Show 2022 we are offering a small taste of what is possible using technology and solutions that are available now,” commented Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Broadcasting and Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “We are proud to collaborate with an innovator like Qualcomm Technologies to provide visitors with a view into the potential that 5G offers.”

Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President of Technical Standards & Intellectual Property, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., commented: “We are proud to bring this collaboration with the Rohde & Schwarz team to the show floor in Las Vegas and showcase the delivery of digital TV content over 3GPP standardized technology - without the need for additional chipsets. Our new 5G R&D technology demonstration proves this isn’t just a far-off possibility, it is here today on the show floor for all to experience.”

Broadcast/Multicast over 5G is not restricted to linear and live content distribution. For network operators and media content providers it offers a completely new range of business models for delivering content or data to large numbers of consumers and without affecting the regular cellular 5G mobile network. Venue and automotive sectors are particularly suitable for new consumer applications while the high power, high tower free-to-air/no-SIM offers emergency services and national authorities more secure ways to deliver public messages during natural disasters or emergencies.

To experience this new era of live media delivery and find out more about the benefits of 5G Broadcast technology, join us at NAB Show 2022:

Rohde & Schwarz - Booth: N3625

Rohde & Schwarz Broadcast & Media

For decades, Rohde & Schwarz has been a leading technology innovator in broadcast distribution and a trusted partner in media production. Broadcast solutions from Rohde & Schwarz deliver the latest generation of energy-efficient, software-defined transmitters and enable network operators to leverage new broadcast technologies. Providing solutions for live and studio production, post-production, multiviewing and playout, Rohde & Schwarz helps media professionals produce and deliver great content.

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