Network Engineering

Network engineering

Verify new technologies and services in the lab

The capabilities of new technologies, new features and new services must be first verified in a lab environment, where they are tested under special network conditions. The testing is carried out in an isolated network environment using user equipment (UE) simulators or precommercial devices connected to a complete radio access and core network. Although such lab setups do not accurately reflect real network environments, they do allow verification of fundamental functions and objectives, including:

  • Radio connection setup and tear down procedures
  • User authentication and subscriber profile management
  • Provision of end-to-end user services
  • Radio link allocation and utilization
  • Data bearer performance

The results are essential factors for network planning decision-making. It is crucial to have a test tool that can connect and control existing and, even more importantly, precommercial mobile devices since the new technologies or services being tested might not yet be available commercially. Such tools should be able to trace the RF interface and run application layer service tests to collect essential key performance indicators (KPI). It is required that the tool support both classic modem and network adapter connection methods as well as smartphone tethering. R&S®ROMES provides an optimal solution for such requirements.

Expertise in network engineering

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  • Device integration: detective work for MNT solutions

    Have you ever thought about device integration? Surely, you’ve heard or read about it; for example, in our recent press release announcing the complete integration of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones into our product portfolio of mobile network testing solutions. Didn’t you then wonder what exactly device integration means?

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Solutions for network engineering

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