R&S®ROMES4 Drive test software

Mobile coverage and QoS measurements in mobile networks

R&S®ROMES4 Drive test software
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R&S®ROMES4 Drive test software
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R&S®ROMES4 drive test software, screenshot R&S®ROMES4 drive test software, application image

Key Facts

  • Supports the latest technologies, such as 5G (incl. RedCap and FrMCS), Nb-IoT and Cat-M1
  • Supports test smartphones, with on-device test capabilities
  • 5G NR (incl. RedCap and FrMCS), GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000®, 1xEV-DO, WiMAX™, LTE, NB‑IoT, Cat-M1 and TETRA
  • Unique scanner features: ACD, sector and BTS position estimation, NB-IoT/LTE-M, dynamic spectrum sharing, time of arrival measurements
  • RF and QoS testing in one
  • NB-IoT

Network engineering, optimization and troubleshooting for all mobile technologies

RF and QoS measurements in one tool with instant results

R&S®ROMES4 is the universal software platform for network engineering, network optimization and troubleshooting. When combined with test mobile phones and drive test scanners it has solutions for all essential coverage measurement, interference identification and QoS tasks. In addition to measuring and displaying test parameters, data is processed instantly and statistics are calculated in real time.

Features & benefits

5G NR network testing (incl. RedCap)

5G NR is becoming the leading radio access technology 

Our R&S®TSME6, R&S®TSMA6 and R&S®TSMA6B scanners can measure 5G NR (incl. RedCap and FrMCS) synchronization signal blocks (SSB) for all SSB subcarrier spacings and transmission cases defined for sub 6 GHz bands. The FR2 frequency range is supported with the latest R&S®TSME44DC and R&S®TSMS53DC downconverters. R&S®ROMES4 drive test software has new capabilities and signals to maintain a clear view of different PCI and beams/SSBs for all evaluation tasks during measurement and replay.
Adding 5G NR UE support for Qualcomm and Samsung Exynos chipset based user equipment (up to 8 devices supported) perfectly complements available 5G NR scanner measurements. 5G NR UE support provides LTE information for 5G and 5G specific NR serving cell information including metrics for initial cell acquisition, layer 1 measurements for RSRP and RSRQ, layer 2 for PDSCH and PUSCH throughput, MCS, RBs etc., RACH procedure details, LTE-NR EN-DC signaling and application layer.

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Private 5G network testing

R&S®ROMES4 combined with a scanner and Quectel based industry module is a perfect solution for testing private 5G networks

When building private 5G networks, it is crucial to ensure proper operation of devices connected over 5G networks (such as robots) through installation and maintenance tests. The portable private network testing solution from Rohde & Schwarz, consists of R&S®ROMES4 software (running on a PC or the R&S®TSMA6B scanner) and an unmodified Quectel RM500Q commercially available module. It can master the challenges of private 5G networks. The Quectel RM500Q module perfectly mimics real device performance in industrial environments (e.g. with connected robots). The Rohde & Schwarz testing solution can test and understand private 5G network performance (e.g. speed, latency and reliability) thanks to various supported tests, including ping, interactivity and iperf3.

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TETRA and P25

TETRA and P25 network testing

R&S®ROMES4 in combination with the network problem analyzer offers a complete tool chain to measure TETRA network quality and easily detect problem spots. It supports R&S®TSMx scanners for TETRA as well as leading TETRA handsets for QoS measurement and speech quality analysis, such as Sepura SC20. All equipment can be carried in a compact backpack and controlled via a tablet for easy and flexible measurement. R&S®ROMES4 in combination with scanners offers P25 coverage and interference testing, including broadcasting demodulation capabilities.

 TETRA measurement system
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TETRA measurement system

ROMES Insights

Automatic problem analysis (root cause analysis) in 4G and 5G networks

With ROMES Insights feature, ROMES software is able to autonomously identify reasons for LTE and 5G performance degradations. ROMES Insights feature combines the detailed trace and TTI level data and delivers Insights from all protocol layers on potential problems, such as PDU Session info, RRC Connection Control and Mobility, PDCP/RLC Configuration, IP Details, DRB PDCP Analysis, RACH Failures, PHY PDSCH/PUSCH analysis, Resources /Link adaptation / Transmission, RF analysis (Coverage, Interference, Time of Arrival).

ROMES Insights feature lists detected network problems
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ROMES Insights feature lists detected network problems

BTS position estimation

Automatically identify base station locations based on scanner measurements.

In combination with an R&S®TSMx scanner, R&S®ROMES4 can estimate the locations of sectors and their azimuths during the drive test. 5G, LTE, WCDMA, CDMA2000,1xEVDO, Wimax, TETRA and NB-IoT base stations are supported. Network operators can identify base station locations from other networks in the event of interference or co-siting requirements. It is also possible to learn about competitor network rollouts.

R&S®ROMES4 in combination with the R&S®TSMA6 scanner
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R&S®ROMES4 in combination with the R&S®TSMA6 scanner

Automatic channel detection (ACD)

Faster setup and fewer redrives when using a scanner

The automatic channel detection feature enables R&S®TSMx drive test scanners to automatically detect active channels in a specified band. 5G NR, GSM, LTE, LTE-M, UMTS, CDMA2000®/1xEV-DO and NB-IoT networks are supported. The measurement system dynamically identifies new channels and adds them to the workspace during the drive. This is particularly relevant in networks deployed in a shared spectrum with other cellular standards, where channel frequency and channel bandwidth frequently change

R&S®ROMES4 with automatic channel detection
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R&S®ROMES4 with automatic channel detection

Testing with iPhones

R&S®ROMES4 supports mobile network testing with iPhones 13 and 14.  

R&S®ROMES4 drive test software supports voice and data on-device testing with suitable iPhone 13, 14, 15 devices. On-device testing is possible with ROMES probe in the AppStore. R&S®ROMES4 controls the app, enables campaign definition on the controlling PC and can test the true user experience. Voice and data testing (HTTP DL/UL and ping) are currently possible, in addition to the existing manual functions for locking the RAT and frequency band on the device itself. R&S®ROMES4 and ROMES probe combination provides extensive measurement capabilities, such as full Qualcomm chipset logging support, UL and DL Layer 1 and Layer 3 insights, as well as insights into mobility procedures.  

ROMES probe application
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ROMES probe application

NB-IoT testing

R&S®ROMES4 combines scanner and device NB-IoT network testing capabilities

NB-IoT is a completely new network layer, with deep indoor coverage, low device power consumption and a low cost. R&S®ROMES4 together with an R&S®TSMx scanner and NB-IoT test-devices provide complete RF and QoS testing capabilities for engineering and network optimization. It supports QualComm and HiSilicon Neul based devices. Detailed trace and visualization capabilities enable full control of the device and its interaction with the network.

R&S®ROMES4 NB-IoT scanner view
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R&S®ROMES4 NB-IoT scanner view

Network problem analyzer

The network problem analyzer automatically analyzes drive test data to identify problem spots in the network.

Network problem analyzers (NPA) are ideal for network optimization. They are the postprocessing tool for R&S®ROMES4 and QualiPoc measurement data. An NPA can process multiple files and check the network for RF issues including lack of coverage and high interference or service issues, such as low throughput and dropped calls. The NPA supports latest technologies, such as NB-IoT and LTE-M (eMTC).

R&S®ROMES4 network problem analyzer
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R&S®ROMES4 network problem analyzer

Product videos

Complete mobile network engineering, optimization&troubleshooting solution

Complete mobile network engineering, optimization & troubleshooting solution

R&S®ROMES4 is the universal software platform for network engineering, optimization and troubleshooting.

Synchronization of 5G TDD networks - demo

Synchronization of 5G TDD networks - demo

In this video, we explain how to measure the synchronization of 5G networks and discuss the results from measurements in commercial 5G networks conducted with the R&S®ROMES4 real-time analysis software.

Use cases


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How to test a mobile network

Learn more about today’s mobile network structure and its challenges.

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