Interference hunting with R&S FPH at night

Interference hunting

Locate and eliminate all kinds of interference

Unwanted transmitters are pervasive in today’s mobile networks, degrading network capacity and reducing subscriber QoE. With the densification of cells and the deployment of emerging standards with higher-order modulation over legacy technologies, the RF environment is becoming ever-more complex making networks increasingly susceptible to interference and therefore interference hunting is a key issue for mobile network operators and regulators.

External interference can originate from a licensed or non-licensed radio transmitter. A few dBs of reduction in signal to noise ratio at the receiver dramatically impacts network capacity with subsequent loss of revenue and subscriber QoE, requiring operators to hunt down interference quickly.

Thankfully, scanners can automatically identify unwanted transmitters and spectrum analyzers or receivers, together with a direction-finding antenna and sophisticated software, can automate the process to locate interference. Combining decades of expertise in the field with cutting-edge technology for every budget and use case, Rohde & Schwarz solutions for interference hunting allow network operators, regulators and service companies to identify and locate any source of RF interference in mobile networks fast and efficiently.

Expertise in interference hunting

  • Why AOA outperforms POA in urban interference hunting

    This white paper describes the AOA and POA methods applied to automatic radiolocation of RF interferers from a moving vehicle, comparing their performance with focus on cellular networks in urban areas.

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  • The real meaning of automatic direction finding

    The need for interference hunting in mobile networks is steadily increasing. And field engineers often ask us which tool we would recommend to be successful in the field. With decades of expertise, what we can say for sure is that it depends: the right tool for successful field service operations depends on the source of interference. Sources are manifold, but with the most suitable tool they are easy to locate.

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  • Automatic spectrum analysis for band refarming and network rollout

    The Rohde & Schwarz network scanner R&S TSMx plus the network problem analyzer (NPA) feature of the R&S ROMES measurement software allows you to perform a fast drive test with a fleet of cars and collect spectrum data for your targeted or even complete network area in next to no time. Back at your office, the NPA tells you where to send dedicated interference hunting teams with an analyzer or receiver to track down the source of interference. This paper introduces the approach in detail.

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Solutions for interference hunting

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